Patient Registration

To help minimize your time in the waiting room, please print out these forms, complete them, and bring them with you for your first office visit. If you are an existing patient, then it is not necessary to submit these forms again unless your health or personal information has changed.

All of these forms must be completed and on file at Ghareeb Dental Group before any treatment can begin.

  1. Consent Form – Standard form for all locations that authorizes the Dentists and staff to access your health information in order to carry out your treatment.
  2. Health History Form – Health History form for all location that details your health conditions, allergies, and any medical concerns.
  3. Patient Info Form – General patient information form for all locations that details patient’s contact information and insurance information.
  4. Insurance Policy Form – Financial and Dental Insurance Policy form for all locations stating you consent to pay co-pay and fees not covered by health insurance.