About Us

Ghareeb Dental Group Original Location PictureThe year was 1975 and a new dental graduate came to the small town of Poca, WV to start a private dental practice. His name was Sami M. Ghareeb, DDS. It was a one room office and he opened it one day per week. He and his wife, Kay, ran the entire office. As business grew he added an additional day per week. They grew their practice and their family. Before they knew it they had 5 children and a thriving practice open 5 and ½ days per week. Dr. Ghareeb taught his children to work hard as he had, and many followed in his dental footsteps. In 2005 his son, Dr. Steven Ghareeb and his wife Shayna opened an office in South Charleston, WV. Not long after, in 2007 his other son, Dr. Mitri Ghareeb and his wife Heather, opened an office in Cross Lanes, WV. It became obvious that what was once a single office had now grown into Ghareeb Dental Group. They continued to expand when they added their St. Albans location in 2009, which Dr. Ghareeb’s son-in-law, Dr. Matthew Scarberry and his wife Kathleen, operate. Just recently Dr. Joshua Massey, Dr. Ghareeb’s other son-in-law, joined him in Poca to care for patients there.

While new offices have come, the philosophy remains the same as it began over 38 years ago – put the patient first and treat them as you would want to be treated. We are a family of dentists who take pride in serving your families. As we continue to grow to meet the needs of our patients, you have our commitment that we will always remember where we came from and how we got here. Continue the story with us by making an appointment today. We look forward to you joining the Ghareeb Dental Group family.

Meet our Doctors

Our team of doctors is ready to help you makeover or maintain your smile. Our knowledgeable and experience doctors provide care at all 6 of our locations.

The doctors at Ghareeb Dental Group